• You can rent the show for a meeting, training, seminar, exhibition or product presentation.
    • For an event like family or friends party (example: birthday, retirement, diploma …), the rental can only be done with a rental supplement of a minimum of two rooms knowing that the lounge is a common area reserved for guests can not, therefore, be rented after 18H unless all five rooms are occupied by the guests of the event.
    • The rental can be done by half-day and by day
    • In case of rent for the half-day, it is either the morning of 8h to 12h, or of the afternoon of 14h to 18h.
    • In case of rental for the day, it starts at 8:00 am and finishes the same day at 18h

As a courtesy vis-à-vis other occupants, the respect of schedules is imperative.

The living room can accommodate up to 15 people.

    • The cleaning of the room is ensured by the “Park Villa”.
    • No fixing in the walls or the ceiling is allowed (attention the ceiling of the living room is in stretched canvas).
    • It is specified that the kitchen is not left at the disposal of the guests or tenants of the show.
    • Any music will have to be stopped at 22:00 at the latest unless all five rooms are occupied by the guests of the event and there is no nuisance for the neighborhood.
    • The living room does not lock, a key to the main entrance door will be transmitted. By the typicality of it, any loss of lclef or damage preventing its use will be billable the sum of 250 € TTC unit with immediate payment.
    • Pets are not accepted.
    • All rooms, rooms and common spaces are legally non-smoking.

The reservation becomes firm when the booking contract is returned, signed by the customer, accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the rental amount, paid by bank transfer or check, and this within 8 days after the shipment of the rental agreement.

Upon arrival, the tenant agrees to pay the owner the balance of the rental and to give a check deposit of 120 €. If no damage is found at the time of departure of the tenant, it will be returned.
Payments are made in cash or by check on a French bank.

In case of cancellation with a minimum notice of 15 days, the deposit will be refunded.

There is no tourist tax

The tenant certifies to be covered by a liability insurance covering his responsibility and those of his potential guests.

Vehicles must be parked in the spaces provided for this purpose in the yard or in the nearby street or streets, according to the available locations.
Parking is free but not kept. Consequently, the responsibility of La Villa du Parc can not be held liable for theft or damage to the vehicles. Guests are invited to leave no valuables inside their car.
The late movements of vehicles must be done without causing nuisance to the neighborhood

The present conditions of sale are modifiable at any time without notice.
Acceptance and compliance with these conditions of sale are deemed acquired upon payment of the deposit.